Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing aid technology has evolved extensively over the last several decades, providing wearers with a plethora of options to customize their experiences. Hearing aids now function like small electronic computers, taking advantage of the miniaturization of microchip components just as cellphones did. Every hearing aid sold at Galco Hearing Aid Service is fitted to the exact, individual needs of the wearer.

Selecting the right device is the beginning of the fitting process, but there is much more to the finished result.

A Proper Diagnosis

The use of a hearing aid is dependent on many factors. To start the fitting process, you will have a basic hearing test and probably specific tests to determine your exact type and severity of hearing loss. Here are some examples of the types of diagnoses one might encounter:

  • Many people who visit Galco to be evaluated for hearing loss say their main complaint is that they struggle to follow everyday conversation. They hear the speaker talking, for the most part, but don’t understand the words. There are specific hearing tests for this, such as having a friend or relative present to speak at various distances to see what you can understand.
  • Often, one ear is more severely affected by hearing loss than the other. This means different settings for hearing aids if you will be using one in each ear. Tests reveal the exact level in each ear.
  • Situations occur when hearing is temporarily or permanently affected by disease or accident. There are unusual, but when they occur, you should see a doctor immediately for a diagnosis.

Testing and Monitoring

The most extensive part of the fitting process is testing and tuning the hearing device, then testing again. The real test for your hearing aids will be using them in your everyday hearing situations. You may find that hearing in a crowded room is still a problem after the initial programming of your devices. Your hearing instrument specialist will recalibrate them for you.

Your devices have aids that help them respond to sound in your life, such as wireless connections to cell phones and televisions. This feature can be programmed, too. It is all part of the full-service experience you can expect at Galco Hearing Aid Service.