Hearing Aid Evaluation

While millions of people experience hearing loss in their lifetime, every case is unique to the individual and must be treated as a health issue. People often view their hearing loss as an inevitable part of aging and ignore it far longer than they should. The truth is that ignoring hearing loss leads to consequences not generally foreseen: isolation, anger, frustration and depression; all issues that can impact your daily life.

Often, people become isolated gradually as they lose hearing abilities. Just as their hearing has slowly gotten worse, so has their intentional contact with other people. This gradual hearing loss is by far the most common type experienced in the United States. The culprit is usually a lifetime’s exposure to loud noise that has become an epidemic in the modern world.

It is imperative to get an accurate diagnosis of your hearing loss and get treatment.

The Evaluation Process

Hearing instrument specialists have only one focus: to diagnose and treat hearing loss using the best tools and finest products available. Computer-aided testing has helped both of these areas of expertise over the last several decades. Hearing tests are finely tuned using programming and hearing devices are in themselves miniature computers.

Using these tools, the hearing instrument specialist can find not only the severity of your hearing loss but the effect it has on your perception of events in your daily life. Behavior is tied to your senses in every way. When it is more difficult to hear, vital information is often missed or neglected. All this is taken into account when you and your specialist choose the right hearing aids for you.

Understanding Your Results

When the hearing evaluation is performed, the testing helps paint a picture of what your hearing ability is. These results will need to be Your hearing devices are programmed and fine-tuned to get the maximum result in many different kinds of hearing environments. After selecting your devices and using them in your day-to-day life, you will return for a follow-up appointment to make any necessary tweaks to your programming to ensure you’re getting the most out of your hearing aids.  

The hearing instrument specialists also show you how to use and maintain each device for maximum effectiveness. The specialists at Galco Hearing Aid Service understand how important the right devices can be to your life, which is why they offer extensive evaluation services to find the perfect fit!