Earwax Removal

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is the sticky substance produced in the ear canal to trap dirt and other particles from entering further into the middle ear. As a defense against injury and disease, it performs a vital function. However, when excessive earwax builds up in the ear, it can block sound and become a nuisance.

There are many products offered for earwax removal. Always be careful when using a dissolving product for earwax and never insert any swab or tool into your ear. More damage to the eardrums is caused this way than any other and putting hard items into your ear can actually make compacted (trapped) earwax worse.

Never attempt to heat the earwax (a process called candling) in order to remove it. You can burn parts of the ear very easily.

A Cleaning Process

Because your ears are self-cleaning, and earwax actually plays an important role in the removal of debris from the canal, it’s crucial you don’t attempt to remove it at home. This doesn’t just include cotton swabs and ear candles, but also oils and home cleaning kits. Removing the good earwax can actually cause problems with drying canals or even stimulating an overdevelopment of cerumen.

 If you produce a normal amount of earwax, the best way to keep your canals clean is by washing your ears in the shower. Once you get out, simply dry the outer ear with a washcloth to remove any earwax that has been pushed out.

Professional Cleaning

The best process for removing trapped earwax is to consult the experts at Galco Hearing Aid Service. Using softeners and special tools, we can safely remove earwax. We use liquid and mechanical processes to remove cerumen.

If excessive earwax buildup is accompanied by other symptoms such as pain, hearing loss or discharge, consult your physician.

When issues develop with an overproduction of earwax, it can indicate a more chronic problem. Trying to remove earwax on your own can cause even greater issues, like a deeper impaction, scratching to the canal and a ruptured eardrum. In this case, schedule an appointment with the specialists at Galco Hearing Aid Service to determine if you need earwax removal.