Hearing Care Services

Your hearing health is as important to your overall wellbeing as any other care you receive. Hearing loss is a major medical problem throughout the United States and has several causes and effects. Your overall health depends in part on your hearing health.

Halco Hearing Aid Service is dedicated to improving hearing capability for everyone, regardless of the cause or severity of hearing loss. Your hearing improvement could involve the use of hearing aids. We ensure that our clients receive complete hearing care and the best products available if that is the case.

  • Earwax Removal

    Cerumen, or the substance known as earwax, is produced to help clear dirt from the ear opening. While it may seem benign, earwax can cause hearing loss and interfere with the performance of hearing aids. Earwax usually clears from the ears through normal activities and bathing, but it can become a chronic problem when it accumulates, so professional services are recommended. Never put swabs or instruments in your ears to clear earwax. The practice can damage your eardrums.

    The hearing specialists at Galco Hearing Aid Service can quickly and safely remove cerumen using a variety of methods that are safe for your ears.

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  • Hearing Aid Evaluation

    The first step toward better hearing is taking a basic hearing test. This gives hearing instrument specialists the starting point to find the best treatment for you. After a hearing loss diagnosis, the evaluation includes steps to find the right hearing aid type and size. There are many manufacturers making a variety of hearing aids and we will find just the one that fits all your needs.

    After a basic hearing test, you might be tested using other techniques like your ability to hear words clearly in various settings: in noisy rooms, across a room or through a wall or door. These techniques allow your diagnosis to be narrowed. After this, the process of choosing and using a hearing aid begins.

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  • Hearing Aid Fitting

    When hearing problems are diagnosed, we often recommend the use of one or two hearing aids. Fitting a hearing aid is a process that includes choosing the right product, testing several times, adjusting and tuning. The hearing device must be the most appropriate and comfortable for your needs.

    Hearing aids are tiny marvels of electronic engineering; even the smallest ones provide remarkable clarity and features. Some people will need larger hearing aids for a variety of reasons, but every device is designed to fulfill a set of needs and then go further.

    Our hearing instrument specialists explain every detail about the use and care of hearing aids. Some hearing aids require batteries, and some are rechargeable. Most devices can connect to wireless devices like cell phones. Most hearing aids are adjustable wirelessly using a computer. All the features are explained so that you can be comfortable with each instrument from the first day.

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  • Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

    Life happens, and wear and tear on your hearing aids is normal. If your device isn’t functioning properly, bring them in to have them assessed. Whether it’s physical damage or aging parts, your provider can address the issue and get you back to better hearing.

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  • Hearing Evaluation

    If you suspect a hearing issue, a hearing test is your first step. It will determine if you have hearing loss and outline the extent and specifics. Your provider will use this information to tailor a treatment plan to your needs and get you on the path to better hearing.

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