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Innovative Technology

At Galco Hearing Aid Service we use only use the most advanced hearing aid technology to deliver the best possible hearing.

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We Listen

By listening to you we understand the challenges you face and the demands of your lifestyle. This means we can provide a better hearing solution.

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Close By

With offices in Seabrook and Galveston, we’re close to home and easy to get to. Skip the traffic, come see us instead.

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What They Say

“Working with the folks at Galco Hearing Aid Service was a great experience. Mark was a real help to both my father and I.

Kim S. Galveston

I had ignored my hearing loss for way too long. Galco was terrific, I love my hearing aids. I don't know why I waited so long.

Gary B. Texas City

Introducing ReSound LiNX Quattro

The world’s best hearing aid got even better with true all day performance to last as long as you.

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8 Steps to Better Hearing

What to expect from Galco Hearing Aid Service on your journey to hearing better.

5 Minute Hearing Quiz

Find out if you or a loved one show signs of dealing with a hearing loss in this quick no-obligation online quiz.


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