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Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids are powered by zinc air batteries.  We provide hearing aid batteries for $8 per package. Buy one package of hearing aid batteries, get one free. If you are looking for batteries you can pick them up at either office or we can send them to you.

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Facts About Hearing Aid Batteries

All hearing aids have batteries and they come in several sizes. It is very important that the batteries are inserted into your hearing aid correctly. At Galco Hearing Aid Service, we will ensure that you understand how to best care for your hearing aids and this includes an understanding of what batteries you will need and how to properly install them.

The average life of a hearing aid battery is 5 days to 3 weeks depending upon the sizes and power of the hearing aid. Volume control can also effect the life of your batteries.

Batteries currently on the market are “Zinc-Air”. A Zinc-Air battery typically lasts longer that the outdated mercury batteries and are much less toxic to recycle. They come with a protective tab at the top which protects the energy inside the battery from being lost in transport and packaging. You must remember to remove this tab before inserting into your hearing aid. It is best to allow battery to sit 3-5 minutes after you remove the sticker and before closing the battery door.

Hearing aid batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place just like other batteries – however because hearing aid batteries operate at full power until they are fully drained, they tend to lose power quite abruptly. It is always a good idea to carry extra or spare hearing aid batteries – just in case!

Come in to Galco Hearing Aid Service to get quality hearing aid batteries. We’ll help answer any questions you might have.

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